Snorkeling in Egypt Red Sea is an amazing experience that will immerse you in the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea. Boasting crystal-clear waters, breathtaking coral reefs and an array of colorful fish species – Egypt offers some of the world’s best snorkeling opportunities – whether beginners or experienced divers alike can discover some truly remarkable spots like Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Alexandria and Dahab for exploration. Let’s explore what Respect Egypt Tours can give you while you’re in Egypt’s paradise.

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Best Snorkeling in Egypt: The Best Spots

Sharm El Sheikh

Snorkeling in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh is a very exciting lifetime experience. The best place for snorkeling in Egypt. It’s well-known for its extraordinary coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it a top snorkeling destination. One of its most visited attractions is Ras Mohammed National Park with Yolanda Reef being its centerpiece. It boasts vibrant coral gardens, schools of colorful fish, and its namesake wreck. It makes an essential stopover on any snorkeler’s itinerary!


Hurghada offers numerous snorkeling opportunities, with Giftun Island being one of the premier sites. Known for its clear waters, vibrant corals and abundance of marine species (such as turtles and dolphin), Giftun is an idyllic snorkeler’s dream place in the Red Sea. Additionally, Abu Ramada Island and Careless Reef should not be forgotten in your exploration.

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While best known for its historical sites, Alexandria also provides exciting adventures. Maamoura Beach and Bay are popular snorkeling sites featuring shallow waters rich with marine life, offering excellent opportunities to admire colorful coral formations while discovering various fish species. snorkeling in Alexandria Egypt will surely experience amazing snorkeling adventures!


snorkeling in Dahab Egypt is also a wonderful experience. The Red Sea in Dahab Egypt offers a fantastic coastal town atmosphere and excellent snorkeling opportunities, such as The Blue Hole’s spectacular coral wall that drops into an endless depths below, Lighthouse Reef, Islands of Seven Sisters and much more. Snorkeling Dahab can be one of the greatest experiences during your travels through Egypt!

Giftun Island - Hurghada
Giftun Island – Hurghada

Is it safe to snorkel in Egypt? Safety Tips for Snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada Egypt

Before snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, it’s vitally important to prioritize safety. Here are a few essential tips for an amazing experience:

  1. Find a reputable snorkeling tour operator or guide who places safety as their number one priority and provides proper equipment.
  2. Regardless of your swimming ability, always wear a well-fitted snorkel mask, fins, and life jacket while snorkeling in Egypt.
  3. Always consult weather conditions prior to setting out, and avoid snorkeling during periods of high winds or rough seas.
  4. Swim with someone familiar and never venture too far away from shore or your snorkeling group.
  5. It is best to avoid touching or treading upon coral reefs to preserve both their fragile ecosystem and yourself from potential injuries.
  6. Stay hydrated and use reef-safe sunscreen to shield yourself from UV rays of the sun’s harmful rays.
  7. Familiarize yourself with basic snorkeling techniques before entering the water, such as clearing your mask and snorkel.
  8. If you become fatigued while snorkeling, signal to your partner or guide and return to shore immediately.


best time for snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh offers great opportunities for snorkeling throughout the year. For optimal experiences, the ideal time for scuba diving or snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh is October/November/December

Egypt’s Red Sea Coast provides fantastic snorkeling opportunities throughout the year, but when to visit will depend on your own personal preferences. Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are two ideal times when water temperatures are warm, visibility is excellent, and marine life abounds.

Summer brings higher water temperatures that attract marine life like whale sharks and manta rays. However, beaches may become more crowded, reducing visibility due to higher plankton levels. Winter months (December through February) bring cooler waters. Yet snorkeling still can be enjoyed; especially in southern regions.

Planning your trip requires taking into account weather conditions, your snorkeling goals, and desired tourist activity levels – in order to find an optimal time and place for snorkeling in Egypt. And while you’re in Sharm, you have to visit the desert in Egypt too. You can have an amazing tour in Taba where you can enjoy camping. Also, you can only sit in a beach house and just enjoy the parks, read book, and have your lunch in this imaginary views of Egypt.


Comparison of Snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada

Both Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada offer unparalleled snorkeling experiences, yet each offers distinct advantages:

  1. Marine Life Diversity: When snorkeling Egypt swimming, Sharm El Sheikh stands out with its abundance of marine species such as vibrant corals, tropical fish and even dolphins and turtles. Hurghada boasts similar diversity although at slightly lesser levels.
  2. Accessibility: Sharm El Sheikh offers more accessible snorkeling places close to shore for beginners and less-experienced swimmers, while Hurghada boasts some fantastic sites accessible only via boat – offering an exciting adventure component to their experience.
  3. Underwater Landscapes: Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its breathtaking coral gardens and drop-offs, creating dramatic underwater scenery. Meanwhile, Hurghada boasts beautiful coral reefs with vibrant marine life but with less dramatic topographies compared to Sharm.
  4. Tourism Activity: Sharm El Sheikh is a popular tourist country known for its vibrant nightlife and bustling atmosphere, while Hurghada provides a more laidback and tranquil ambiance, making it the perfect option for those in search of peace and serenity.

At the core, choosing between Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada comes down to personal preferences. If marine life and dramatic underwater landscapes are of particular interest to you, Sharm might be ideal; otherwise if a relaxed atmosphere and accessibility via boat are key considerations for you, then Hurghada could be better.

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Coral Reefs - Snorkeling in Egypt
Coral Reefs

Exploring the Red Sea: Snorkeling in Egypt

Snorkeling in Egypt’s Red Sea can be a thrilling adventure that gives you access to incredible marine biodiversity and captivating coral formations. Renowned for its clear waters, vibrant reefs, and myriad marine species – it makes Egypt’s Red Sea an idyllic spot for snorkelers of all levels.

Must-Visit Snorkeling Locations in Egypt

Ras Mohammed National Park (Sharm El Sheikh)

Nestled at the southernmost tip of Sinai Peninsula, Ras Mohammed National Park is an excellent destination for snorkelers. Here, visitors can explore Yolanda Reef and find colorful coral gardens while swimming alongside an abundance of fish species.

Giftun Island

Giftun Island is an ideal snorkeling spot, boasting clear waters and abundant marine life. Here, snorkelers can marvel at beautiful coral reefs, spot turtles and dolphins swimming freely along the surface, spot rays and reef sharks swimming below and even spot rare shark species as far down as 20 meters deep in deeper waters.

Blue Hole (Dahab)

The Blue Hole is an internationally-renowned snorkeling spot known for its deep underwater sinkhole surrounded by coral reef walls and filled with an incredible ecosystem. Snorkelers can experience its fantastic coral formations and diverse marine life as they navigate this unique ecosystem.

Abu Dabbab (Marsa Alam)

Abu Dabbab is an outstanding snorkeling spot in Marsa Alam that provides superb experiences. Here, you can swim among friendly dugongs (also referred to as sea cows), see turtles, colorful fish and gorgeous coral gardens!


Snorkeling in Egypt for beginners

Egypt provides an ideal setting to begin snorkeling for beginners. Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose Beginner-Friendly Spots: Beginners should select snorkeling locations with calm waters, shallow depths and easy shore access as good starting places. Sharm El Sheikh’s Naama Bay or Hurghada’s Magawish Islands can both offer such conditions for beginners in Egypt.
  2. Utilize Proper Breathing Techniques: Take slow and steady breaths through your snorkel to breathe deeply while avoiding hyperventilation. Practice breathing before entering the water so as to build confidence with yourself as well as your snorkel.
  3. Get Acquainted with Equipment: Familiarize yourself with your snorkeling gear, such as mask, snorkel, and fins. Ensure a proper fit by practicing in shallow waters prior to venturing further out.
  4. Commence Snorkeling in Shallow Water: For optimal results, start snorkeling near shore to gain confidence, practice breathing techniques and adjust equipment as necessary. This allows for maximum growth potential!
  5. Swim with Confidence: When snorkeling, maintain a relaxed swimming position by using your fins to propel yourself gently through the water and keeping your eyes pointed downward to observe underwater life in Egypt Red Sea.
  6. Staying Away from Marine Life: Respect the marine environment by not touching or disturbing coral reefs or marine creatures in any way, instead admiring their beauty from a good distance.


The best hotel for snorkeling in Egypt

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

For those in search of luxury, this resort boasts direct access to the Red Sea with plenty of opportunities for snorkeling – you’re just steps from exploring vibrant coral reefs that lie close by!

Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel

Situated on its own private beach in Hurghada, this family friendly resort offers various water activities – including snorkeling. Take advantage of snorkeling directly from the hotel beach!

Coral Coast Hotel (Marsa Alam)

Situated along the coastline of Marsa Alam, Coral Coast Hotel provides access to a wonderful house reef that’s perfect for snorkeling off of its beach and revealing all that the Red Sea has to offer.

Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

While Alexandria is best known for its historical attractions, there is also plenty of opportunities for snorkeling nearby. At Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch you’ll have access to snorkeling in Egypt places while being comfortably accommodated.

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Rixos - Sharm El Sheikh
Rixos Resort – Sharm El Sheikh

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most beautiful reef in Egypt?

Yolanda Reef in Ras Mohammed National Park of Sharm El Sheikh offers one of Egypt’s most beautiful reefs. Featuring vibrant coral gardens and an abundance of marine life – an immersive underwater landscape for visitors to experience. Yolanda Reef takes its name from the Yolanda cargo ship wreck which sunk in 1980, adding an element of mystery and intrigue. Snorkelers can explore shallow parts of Yolanda Reef. Where they may encounter butterflyfish, angelfish, parrotfish and clownfish species aplenty. Stunning hard and soft coral formations create wonderful underwater scenes while hard coral formations offer spectacular hard/soft coral landscapes to snorkelers and experienced divers alike. Keep in mind however that certain sections are better suited to experienced divers rather than snorkelers – keep this in mind before diving deeper sections or joining experienced divers in Egypt!


Are there any snorkeling spots suitable for children and families?

Yes, Egypt offers numerous sites suitable for children and families to snorkel together. Here are a few recommendations:

Naama Bay: Naama Bay offers calm and shallow waters, making it the ideal location for children or beginners looking to snorkel. With its sandy bottom surface providing greater safety for little ones than rocks.

Magawish Islands of Hurghada: These idyllic small islands boast tranquil, clear waters with shallow depths and gentle currents – ideal for family snorkeling! Accessible via boat tours, these islands also provide equipment and guidance for young visitors.

Marsa Mubarak (Marsa Alam): Marsa Mubarak is an oasis in Marsa Alam known for its diverse marine life and fantastic surroundings. With a sandy bottom and shallow waters suitable for kids to play in.

You know that Egypt is more than snorkelling. You can also have great activities in Egypt for families and kids. Such as playing with a dolphin and having a lifetime of photos, having a nice camping day in the desert or just staying in the house and enjoying the amazing view of the Red Sea with the garden.

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Does Egypt have good snorkeling?

Egypt is known for offering superb snorkeling experiences, especially along the Red Sea coast. Home to some of the most vibrant and diverse coral reefs on Earth, snorkelers flock to Egypt’s Red Sea coast in search of adventure! For this reason alone Egypt makes for great snorkeling:

  1. Abundant Marine Life: The Red Sea boasts an abundance of aquatic life. From colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral formations to larger creatures such as dolphins, turtles and rays. Snorkelers will enjoy encounters with various fish species such as butterfly fish, angel fish, parrot fish and clown fish as they snorkel through its depths.
  2. Amazing Coral Reefs: The Red Sea in Egypt is famous for its breathtaking coral reefs. Also considered some of the healthiest worldwide. Snorkelers can explore intricate formations made up of hard and soft corals for an incredible underwater landscape experience.
  3. Clear Visibility: The Red Sea provides excellent visibility for snorkeling in Egypt. Its waters tend to be clear, giving snorkelers ample opportunity to discover its underwater environment and observe marine life closely.
  4. Accessible Snorkeling Spots in Egypt: Egypt’s Red Sea resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Makadi Bay and Marsa Alam offer easy access to wonderful snorkeling spots. Many resorts feature private beaches with direct access to coral reefs for added ease in exploring right from their shorelines.
  5. Snorkeling Tours in Egypt: There are numerous snorkeling tours and facilities in Egypt. That offers guided trips, equipment rentals, lessons and equipment resell services to both novice and expert snorkelers. Which makes snorkeling in Egypt both safe and fantastic experience for them both.

Egypt provides beginner or experienced snorkelers alike with numerous opportunities that allow them to experience the incredible underwater world of the Red Sea.

Ras Muhammed National Park
Ras Muhammed National Park

Is Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada better for snorkeling?

Both Sharm and Hurghada offer great snorkeling in Egypt opportunities, yet have slightly distinct characteristics that could determine which destination may best meet your snorkeling preferences. Here is a comparison that should help make your decision easier:

Snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh:

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its wonderful coral reefs and diverse marine life, particularly near Sharm El Sheikh in Ras Mohammed National Park near Sharm El Sheikh. Here you’ll find excellent snorkeling and scuba diving sites where you’ll have an opportunity to observe many fish species including vibrant reef fish along with potentially larger marine animals such as sharks or rays.

Sharm El Sheikh offers crystal-clear waters, offering snorkelers perfect visibility to discover its underwater splendor.

Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh is a popular snorkeling spot, offering easy access to coral reefs from shore. Many resorts in Sharm El Sheikh also provide direct access to snorkeling in Egypt Red Sea spots making exploration simpler for scuba divers.

Sharm El Sheikh boasts a robust tourism infrastructure, featuring snorkel tours, equipment rentals and dive centers that cater to snorkelers of all levels.

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Snorkeling in Hurghada:

Hurghada is an increasingly popular snorkeling and scuba diving destination, boasting fantastic coral reefs and vibrant marine life. In particular, Giftun Islands are famed for offering unparalleled opportunities.

Hurghada boasts excellent visibility for snorkelers to fully experience its underwater world. To enhance this experience, snorkeling in Egypt Hurghada provides guided trips, equipment rentals and snorkeling lessons to maximize the experience of exploring underwater treasures.

Hurghada tends to be bigger and livelier than Sharm El Sheikh, offering more accommodation options, restaurants and nightlife venues.

Ultimately, the choice between Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada depends on your specific preferences. If you are particularly interested in learning a renowned marine protected area like Ras Mohammed National Park, Sharm El Sheikh may be the better option. On the other hand, if you prefer a larger and more vibrant resort town. Along with access to exceptional snorkeling in Egypt sites like the Giftun Islands, Hurghada may be a better fit.

School of Fish
School of Fish

Is snorkeling safe in Sharm El Sheikh?

Snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh can be safe if proper precautions are taken. Here are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure a pleasant snorkeling experience:

Weather and Sea Conditions

Before setting out on any snorkel tour, it’s essential to review both weather forecast and sea conditions. Avoid snorkeling during periods of severe weather such as heavy winds, strong currents, or high waves. These conditions could pose risks. For up-to-date information regarding sea conditions it may be beneficial to speak to local authorities, tour operators, or lifeguards for accurate data.

Snorkeling Experience and Skill Level

Evaluate your own snorkeling experience and skill level. For newcomers or those with less experience, it is advisable to start in shallow waters before venturing deeper. Additionally, select areas which meet both your comfort level and swimming abilities for best results.

Select Authorized Snorkeling Sites

Sharm El Sheikh offers numerous snorkeling in Egypt spots accessible both by shore and boat. But when selecting approved snorkeling areas recognized by local authorities as safe to ensure maximum snorkeler safety. You should follow their recommended practices for choosing safe spots that have been marked and monitored to guarantee their wellbeing.

Snorkeling With A Buddy or Group

For safety’s sake, it is always better to snorkel with someone or in a group. That way, both individuals can look out for each other, share experiences together and provide assistance if necessary.

Use Proper Snorkeling Gear

Before beginning snorkeling in Egypt, ensure you have all of the appropriate equipment, such as a mask, snorkel and fins. Ensure it fits comfortably and in good condition for optimal performance; an optimally fitting mask will prevent water entry so you can breathe comfortably and observe underwater life more clearly.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt, always remain aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for boats, other snorkelers, potential hazards in the water and any potential coral reef damage as these are fragile ecosystems that need protection.

Stay Hydrated and Protect Your Skin

Egypt can be kind of hot, making it important to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays by drinking plenty of water and putting on sunscreen with a high SPF factor. To do so perfectly.

By following these safety makes it easier. and exercising caution while snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh. Also, you can have an amazing and safe experience Snorkeling in Egypt Red Sea.

Now, you can enjoy having the knowledge of Snorkelling in Egypt Red Sea. Join us for an amazing tour of the deep sea with Respect Egypt Tours.