Welcome to Rashid City Egypt, a quaint yet historically rich town. It is along the banks of the majestic Nile River in Egypt’s Delta region. Known as Rashid to locals and Rosetta to many, this city holds a significant place in Egypt’s narrative. It boasts a tapestry woven with tales of ancient civilizations, cultural legacy, and maritime importance. Respect Egypt Tours will take you on a trip to learn more about this flower of Egypt Rashid City.


The Location of Rashid City Egypt

Rashid City Egypt, also known as Rosetta is situated within the Beheira Governorate of Egypt, that’s where is Rosetta Egypt town located. Rosetta Egypt map or Rashid City Egypt Map is in the north western region of the country. Rashid is close to the mouth of the Nile Delta, along the Mediterranean coast. It lies approximately 65 km (40 miles) east of the city of Alexandria and 200 kilometer (124 miles) north of the capital city of Cairo. The location of Rashid has historically been instrumental in making Rashid a major port town. Which connects the Nile River Delta to the Mediterranean Sea and aids trade and cultural exchange across the region. One-Day Trip to Alexandria with Respect Egypt Tours.

Rosetta-Rashid City Egypt

Rashid City Egypt meaning

The importance of Rashid City Egypt, is in its historic significance, cultural heritage and strategic geographical position. As a major port city that connects with the Nile River to the Mediterranean Sea, Rashid has been an important hub for trading and cultural exchange for a long time. The name, which translates to “rightly guided” in Arabic is an indication of its determination and sense of direction. In the present, Rashid continues to thrive as a place of cultural significance, drawing tourists to visit its archeological landmarks and sites while also protecting its rich heritage. Before we start, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information.


Rashid City Egypt Rosetta

Rashid City Egypt, also called Rosetta has a significant position in the lore of history. Due to its key connection to the famous Rosetta Stone. It was discovered around 1799 by French soldiers who were fighting Napoleon in Egypt. The stone’s inscription included Greek, Demotic, and hieroglyphic writing. The Stone played an important role in the process of deciphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

This discovery that was led by scholars such as Julien who discovered it. It was a pivotal moment in the field of Egyptology which opened the door to a greater understanding of the ancient Egyptian culture and language. The expedition of Napoleon in the 18th century did more than uncover the stone, but also revealed how hieroglyphics are interpreted sparking an interest across the globe in Egypt’s history. The Rosetta Stone in Rashid City Egypt is an example of knowledge that reminds that curiosity is a powerful tool as well as intercultural exchange to unravel the mysteries of antiquities.


Why is Rashid called Rosetta?

Rashid is commonly known as Rosetta due to its historical significance linked with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 by French soldiers during the famous historical Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt. The stone was found near the town, hence it became associated with the name Rosetta.

Rashid Stone - Rashid City Egypt
Rashid Stone

Delving into Rosetta’s Heritage

Beyond the Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Egypt is renowned for its main cultural heritage. Also, landmarks that echo the footsteps of ancient civilizations. The Rashid City Egypt’s history traces back to the Pharaonic era, where it served as a vital port town linking the Nile to the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location facilitated trade and cultural exchange. Which makes it a melting pot of diverse influences.


The Legacy of Thebes and Rashid’s Ancient Roots

Rashid City stands as the oldest Egyptian City in Egypt, with roots dating back to antiquity. In ancient times, it played a significant role as a bustling trade hub and a gateway to Upper Egypt. Particularly during the reign of Thebes as the capital city. Today, we can find remnants of this glorious past in the city’s archaeological sites and monuments. It’s offering a glimpse into Egypt’s storied history.


Must-Visit Attractions and Activities in Rosetta City

Rashid or Rosetta town offers a range of sites and attractions worth visiting as the Rosetta Stone. Here are some of them:

Rashid Mosque

Explore the beauty and peace that surround this Rashid Mosque, a revered site of worship, which stands as a symbol of religious reverence and architectural splendor. Take a look at exquisite designs as well as exquisite elements, which is an important gathering spot for the community at large and is an ode to the Islamic traditions in Rashid City Egypt.

Rashid National Museum

Delve deeper into the past and tradition of Rashid and the surrounding areas in the famous Rashid National Museum. There, you will find exhibitions that showcase artifacts, paints and archaeological discoveries that illuminate the rich history of Rashid City Egypt. Also read about Egyptian Hieroglyphics for Love: Symbolism of Ancient Egypt.

Rashid Fort

Immerse yourself in the city’s long and rich history through a trip to Rashid Fort, a formidable structure that has watched on the Nile Delta for centuries. Explore the towers, ramparts as well as the courtyards and ramparts that make up this impressive fortress and find out about its strategic importance in defending Rashid City from invaders.

Corniche Take a relaxing wander along Corniche, a beautiful promenade that has breathtaking perspectives of the Nile and the surrounding landscape. Take a break in an oasis of shaded palm trees take in the view of local fishermen make a living as they soak up the peaceful atmosphere that is Rashid’s waterfront.

Fort Jolien

Local Markets

Enjoy the lively sights as well as the sounds and smells of the bustling market in Rashid. Which are awash with vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to unique artifacts. Explore narrow alleyways dotted with stalls, taste traditional Egyptian foods, and shop for a souvenir to bring with you home.

Architectural Heritage

Marvel in the architectural beauty that is Rashid City as you explore its winding streets and historical neighborhood. From elaborate mosques and exquisite mansions, to old ruins and traditional homes The architectural heritage of Rashid offers an insight into the city’s diverse and rich heritage of culture.

If your attraction is the quite that is its mosques the rich history in its museum collections, or even the pulsing marketplaces. Rashid City promises an amazing and memorable experience for all visitors.


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Amenities and Hospitality: Rashid City Egypt

Rashid City Egypt facts are that it has the best places in Egypt. While rooted in history, Rashid City Egypt offers modern amenities to cater to tourists and locals alike. From cozy Rashid City Egypt hotels and guesthouses to authentic restaurants serving delectable Egyptian cuisine, visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s warm hospitality and fantastic atmosphere.


Qaitbay in Alexandria: Historical relation

Qaitbay Fort built during the fifteenth century, by Sultan Qaitbay in Alexandria is of historical significant to Rashid (Rosetta). It was an important coastal defense strategy against naval attacks. And indirectly favoring Rashid City by safeguarding maritime trade routes and preventing pirates. The fort’s construction is a reflection of efforts to strengthen important coastal areas and safeguard the northern shores of Egypt. Furthermore, The Citadel represents a significant architectural and cultural history that is part of Egypt throughout its Mamluk period, which contributed to the overall historic regional landscape. You can visit Alexandria now with Respect Egypt Tours. Join us on A Private Trip to Alexandria for a Day.

Qaitbay Citadel – Alexandria

Economic Dynamics and Cultural Fusion of Rashid City Egypt

Today, Rasheed continues to thrive as a center for fishing, agriculture, and small-scale industries. Its role as a port town and its rich agricultural lands bolstered Its economy. Also, The city’s cultural landscape reflects a blend of Egyptian traditions, Mediterranean influences, and echoes of its multicultural past. Try a Family Trip for Three Days in Cairo.


Connecting Rashid City Egypt with the World

Rashid City Egypt maintains close ties with other prominent cities in Egypt, serving as a gateway to the Nile Delta and a link between the past and the present. Likewise, Its proximity to Alexandria and Cairo ensures easy access to our country’s cultural treasures and vibrant urban life, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt.



What is Rosetta Egypt known for?

Rosetta, Egypt, also known as Rashid, is renowned for its cultural heritage and its association with the Rosetta Stone. This artifact played a crucial role in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, unlocking the secrets of our ancient civilization.


When was Thebes the capital city?

Thebes, located in Upper Egypt, served as the capital city during various periods of ancient Egyptian history, particularly during the Middle and New Kingdoms. Its prominence as the capital fluctuated over time, but it reached its zenith during the New Kingdom (circa 1550 – 1070 BCE).


What is the oldest city in ancient Egypt?

The oldest city in ancient Egypt is often cited as Hierakonpolis (also known as Nekhen), located in Upper Egypt. Hierakonpolis dates back to the Predynastic period (circa 5500 – 3100 BCE) and holds significance as one of the earliest urban centers in Egypt town.


What is Rashid known for?

Rashid, also known as Rosetta, is famous for its historical significance, particularly as the site where the Rosetta Stone was discovered. Additionally, Rasheed boasts a rich cultural heritage, serving as one of the oldest cities and a vital port town in Egypt. Which also links the Nile to the Mediterranean Port.

Delta Rashid Map

Is the real Rosetta Stone on display?

Yes, the real Rosetta Stone is on display at the British Museum in London, United Kingdom. Also, it Housed there since 1802 and remains one of the museum’s most prized and visited exhibits. Also attracts millions of visitors annually who come to marvel at its significance in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.



In conclusion, In Rashid, history comes alive amidst the tranquil beauty of the water. From its ancient roots to its charm, this city invites visitors on a journey through time, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of Egypt. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture aficionado, or simply seeking a serene escape. Rasheed Egypt welcomes you with open arms, ready to unveil its treasures along the banks of the timeless Nile. Visit our Tripadvisor page to learn more about Respect Egypt Tours.