Wekalet El Ghouri Tanoura Show

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Indulge in the captivating Wekalet El Ghouri Tanoura Show, a mesmerizing performance that takes you on a journey into the heart of Egyptian culture.
Prepare to have the vibrant energy, wonderful music, and graceful dance movements that will leave you in awe.

As you enter the historical Wekalet El-Ghouri, you’ll travel back to the 16th century.
This cultural gem, nestled in the magic streets of Islamic Cairo, sets the perfect backdrop for an elegant evening.

The highlight of the show is the ancient Sufi dance known as Tanoura.
Watch in amazement as talented male dancers adorned in vibrant, flowing skirts twirl and spin with precision.

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But the El Ghouri Tanoura Show is more than a dance performance.
It’s a celebration of Egyptian heritage and traditions.
During the show, you’ll enjoy musical performances and learn about the fascinating history of Wekalet El-Ghouri and the Tanoura dance.

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Immerse yourself in this experience, where every detail has been carefully curated to give you an unforgettable evening.
From the moment you enter the venue to the final bow of the performers, you’ll have the sheer beauty and splendor.

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In conclusion, this Tanoura Show is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Wekalet El Ghouri in Cairo.
It offers a unique opportunity to witness the magic and elegance of traditional Egyptian folklore.
Enjoy the magical melodies, mesmerizing dance, and rich cultural heritage that is proudly showcase in this extraordinary performance.
Book your tickets to Wekalet El Ghouri now and prepare to transport to a world of luxury and artistic excellence.


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Respect Egypt Tours' driver will meet you at your hotel and transfer you with a modern air-conditioned vehicle to start your journey. The Wekalet El-Ghouri, where the Tanoura Show takes place, is a historic caravanserai that dates back to the 16th century.

Once a hub for traveling merchants, now a cultural center highlighting traditional Egyptian art and crafts.
Experience Egypt's vibrant and authentic culture at the Wekalet El-Ghouri through the mesmerizing Tanoura Show! This amazing show presents a range of fascinating dances.

In addition to the Tanoura Show, visitors to the Wekalet El-Ghouri can also enjoy various other cultural activities. The Wekalet El-Ghouri Tanoura Show typically occurs in the evening, with performances starting around 7 or 8 pm.
The performance goes on for about an hour and presents a mix of dance routines and musical acts that you will enjoy with Respect Egypt Tours.

Arrive at the Wekalet El-Ghouri
The Wekalet El-Ghouri is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, so arriving early is best to allow time for navigating the narrow streets. Before the show begins, you can enjoy traditional Egyptian refreshments, such as tea or coffee, and perhaps some light snacks. The show typically starts with a brief Wekalet El-Ghouri and Tanoura dance history.

Various dance performances, including the Tanoura dance and other traditional Egyptian dances, follow this. Find great Egyptian food nearby after the show.

Once the show is finished, we will transfer you back to your hotel.

So book a Wekalet El Ghouri Tanoura Show with Respect Egypt Tours.


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