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Embark on a luxurious and exciting journey through ancient Egyptian history with our Saqqara and Memphis Afternoon Tour.
Discover the wonders of Saqqara and Memphis, immersing yourself in a captivating experience like no other.

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In the afternoon, we will explore the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, the world’s oldest pyramid.
Marvel at its ancient grandeur and admire the intricate carvings that tell stories of a bygone era with Respect Egypt Tours.

After that, we will visit the Imhotep Museum, dedicated to the brilliant mind behind the Step Pyramid’s design.

Next, we will venture to the Tomb of Ti, a true masterpiece adorned with stunning wall paintings and carvings.
As we continue our tour, we will visit the Open-Air Museum in Memphis, home to magnificent giant statues, including the colossal limestone statue of Ramses II.

But the wonders don’t end there. Witness the awe-inspiring Alabaster Sphinx, a colossal statue that takes you back to the reign of Amenhotep III.
And don’t miss the majestic Colossus of Ramses II, a massive pharaoh statue once housed in the Temple of Ptah.

Also, our experienced Egyptologist guide will accompany you throughout the tour, providing fascinating insights into the rich history and culture of Saqqara and Memphis.
Our private luxury air-conditioned vehicle ensures your comfort as we travel between locations.

Likewise, we have The most amazing trip to the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo you have to try.

In conclusion, our Saqqara and Memphis Afternoon Tour offers an unforgettable experience of luxury and excitement.
Book your journey with Respect Egypt Tours and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ancient Egypt.

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  • Saqqara and Memphis


  • Egyptologist Guide.
  • All Services and Taxes.
  • All transfers to and from your location.
  • A private air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Entry fees.
  • A bottle of water during the tour.
  • Tipping.
  • Tours optional.
  • Any personal items.
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We will pick you up from your Hotel with your Egyptologist to start our attraction tour destinations.

Step Pyramid of Djoser
Known as the world's oldest pyramid. The Step Pyramid of Djoser is one of the oldest stone structures ever built. Several smaller pyramids and tombs surround it in the Saqqara necropolis.

Imhotep Museum
The Imhotep Museum is located near the Step Pyramid of Djoser. It is dedicated to the life and work of Imhotep, who designed the Step Pyramid.

Tomb of Ti
The Tomb of Ti is one of the most impressive tombs in Saqqara. It is known for its intricate wall carvings and paintings.

Open-Air Museum
The Open-Air Museum is located in the ancient city of Memphis. It is home to several giant statues. Contains a massive limestone statue of Ramses II.

Alabaster Sphinx
The Alabaster Sphinx is a giant sphinx statue discovered in Memphis. It is believed to date back to the reign of Amenhotep III.

Colossus of Ramses II
It is a massive pharaoh statue once located in the Temple of Ptah in Memphis.

After this wonderful afternoon adventure, we'll return you to your hotel in a modern A/C vehicle.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Several other nearby sites are worth visiting after exploring Saqqara and Memphis. Giza Plateau: If you haven't already visited the Pyramids of Giza, the Giza Plateau is located just a short distance from Saqqara and Memphis and is home to the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and several smaller pyramids and tombs. Saqqara Tombs: Within the Saqqara necropolis, several other tombs and burial complexes are worth exploring, including the Tomb of Kagemni and the Tomb of Mereruka. Coptic Cairo: If you're interested in early Christian history, Coptic Cairo is a historic district in the heart of Old Cairo, home to several ancient churches, including the Hanging Church and the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus. These are just a few nearby sites worth considering if you have time after visiting Saqqara and Memphis. Depending on your interests and available time, there are many other fascinating ancient and historical sites to explore in and around Cairo.

The best time of day to visit Saqqara and Memphis is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature is cooler, and there are fewer crowds. During the middle of the day, the sun can be intense, and the heat can be pretty uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. If you're visiting Saqqara and Memphis as part of a tour, your tour operator may have a specific schedule and itinerary that determines the timing of your visit. However, if you have the flexibility to choose your aim, planning your visit for early morning or late afternoon is recommended. In the morning, you can take advantage of the cooler temperatures and explore the sites before they become too crowded. This can also be an excellent time to take photos, as the light is often soft and golden. In the late afternoon, you can avoid the worst of the midday heat and enjoy the sites during the quieter and more peaceful hours. This can also be an excellent time to catch the sunset over the desert, which can be a beautiful and memorable experience. The best time to visit Saqqara and Memphis depends on your preferences and schedule. Still, early morning or late afternoon is generally recommended for the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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